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Sherlock's hand and I both thank you, all you lovely people!
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What I see when I hear Reichenbach Falls.

Well, this works for me, at the moment. If anyone could pull off this type of a death-defying, leap-dance move, it would be Sherlock and his super-coat of awesomeness.

And in my headcanon, lovely John, in his brilliant green Hound coat - the one that so does not make him look like a Ninja Turtle - would be observing just off to the side, clapping and acting all proud and saying outloud "That Was Amazing".

And Sherlock would smile and it would all be fine. Again.
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03 February 2012 @ 11:40 pm
I Believe in Sherlock.

Fix this now, Moffat and Gatiss. Fandom is watching ya. ;)
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04 July 2010 @ 09:58 am
Late last night, I did this and I don't know why! But this should be fun, right? help.....LOL

My Kradingo card - Disappoint that I have no vodka, tattoos, piercings, but excite for
proposal and of all things, cheating. And I got Adam's Hair too! But Howl's Moving Castle - I knew I should have excluded that one!

Hearts to anobakitay and claire_kay for making me jump into this finally.

RANDOMS: Rolling Stone
IDOL TOUR: Adam Microphone
RANDOMS: Playing footsie
MUSIC: Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas
FUTURE: Watching the rain
FUTURE: Reunion
RANDOMS: Musical
PRE-IDOL: Random hook-up
AU/CROSSOVERS: Sleeping Beauty
IDOL: Video games
RANDOMS: Kradison concert
IDOL: First kiss
FUTURE: Glasses
IDOL: Dressing
AU/CROSSOVER: Howl’s Moving Castle
GLAMNATION: Adam’s hair
MUSIC: Gym Class Heroes
FUTURE: Proposal
KRIS TOUR: Manhunt Daily
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19 January 2010 @ 02:31 am
Just created a Kradam playlist from my itunes and I had to stop at 40 songs. What is my life that at least half of my songs on my ipod of 200+ entries are either Adam, Kris or Idol show/tour related or could be twisted to look that way?

Thank god I have been a fan of Muse for over 4 years (25+ songs on ipod) or I would really be worried right now. At least that group is an original favorite of mine and not one of my Idol-only listens. Thanks to Adam though, I now have a new appreciation for music I did not listen to much before: Goldfrapp, Mika, Lady Gaga, Robyn, Cassidy Haley. I will always be thankful to Kris for getting the general public to appreciate one of my favorite movies and songs of all time, Once and Falling Slowly. He actually improved on the original, which I thought was impossible to do since I have been a fan of Glen Hansard and the Frames for awhile.

I will also always be thankful for the actual Idol tour which gave me a new appreciation for some of the Top 10 that I overlooked during the year because their stars did not shine quite as bright as the Top 2. Because of the many videos and actually seeing the tour in my hometown, I now totally like Mike (well just a little!), Anoop and Matt,who was the most surprising one of all for me since I actively disliked him during the season. Sign Matt Giraud now please - he was fantastic live! Of course, Allison is the most perfect girl, short of Kelly, to ever come out of Idol.

Having said that, I cannot believe that a new season of this show that took over my life this past year is starting. Which is why I created this playlist. Because now when I hear the familiar theme song for Idol on my TV, I can just close my eyes, put my earbuds in and pretend that 2009 and this most epic year is still going on. Which although sometimes sounds pathetic to my ears, is still kind of sweet. And that of course, is the whole point, since these memories are all good.

Time to go listen to Music Again - Thanks Adam and AI!

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02 January 2010 @ 05:28 pm
My goal for the year is to actually keep a journal! Originally I never thought I would update on a regular basis, so let's see if I do LMAO......

Quote for the day and 2010: Alice in Wonderland

Alice: "It would be so nice if something made sense for a change".

Here's hoping that this new decade is amazing......

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